Pufferfish Studios to bring cost-effective creative services alternatives to small businesses in Hastings.

Pufferfish Studios puts smart design in the hands of small business owners.

HASTINGS — January 5, 2015 — Pufferfish Studios bridges the gap between high-end creative agencies and do-it-yourselfers that may leave quality up to chance.  For the many local small businesses competing against marketing budgets of larger, better funded rivals, this two person freelance studio spells a disruption to the creative services agency model. Small businesses can now turn to Pufferfish Studios for creative services and execute eye-catching print materials, innovative websites and engaging videos at an affordable price.

“We saw a need for a more cost-effective alternative when it comes to creative services in Hastings.” said Jeannette Bierman, co-owner, Pufferfish Studios. “We aim to make those services more accessible especially to the average business owner who find big-budget creative services agencies out of reach.”

Being simple and efficient lies at the heart of Pufferfish Studios’ work philosophy. In accepting only a limited number of clients and projects, Pufferfish Studios can offer an unmatched level of care and diligence.

“We’re flexible enough to provide work as needed and small enough to take real pride in every project we take on,” said Todd Bierman, co-owner, Pufferfish Studios. “Those projects get top-priority treatment, questions are answered quickly and edits are implemented promptly. Communication is direct with the actual creators of the projects.”

Prior to starting Pufferfish Studios, owners, Jeannette and Todd Bierman worked extensively in the creative services industry. Jeannette gained her expertise in print and web working for Cornhusker Press, David & Associates and Idea Bank Marketing. Todd has been with KHAS-TV, now NBCNebraska, since 1993. He has over 20 years of experience in videography and post-production with a focus on video editing for broadcast television and digital media production. With almost 40 years of combined experience, this small creative studio can do big things for small businesses in Hastings and the tri-cities area.

“Impactful visual communications are critical to engage customers, so we are excited to put the power of smart design into the hands of small business owners and help them grow their business,” said Jeannette.

About Pufferfish Studios

Based in Hastings, Nebraska, Pufferfish Studios was launched in April of 2015 and provides affordable killer creative services for high-impact experiences, graphic communications, and digital solutions in web, print and video. We invite you to visit us at pufferfishstudios.com and browse through our portfolio of projects.